Good morning from Peru!

We are having a lovely time in Cusco and we have done SO much just in one day!

Day 1 of our program was filled with a Cusco walking tour and a stroll through San Pedro Market, where you can find literally EVERYTHING you can ever imagine. Want to try delicious soup? You will. Feel like buying clothes? You can. Interested in stepping on a scale and weighing yourself for 20 cents? Go for it. The students wandered through the hundreds of stalls, inspired by the traditional plants, clothing, and pure hospitality of the Peruvians.

Some of us ate lunch at the market, which is a very typical Peruvian thing to do. There we sat, squished together on one small bench, up against the stall of a Peruvian woman who gave us generous amounts of delicious Escabeche – a traditional dish of Chicken and Vegetables. It’s safe to say that everyone loved it – not only the spices and tastes and homemade goodness but also the pure authenticity of that 45 minutes where they sat in the raw setting of the beautifully unique culture of Peru.

students eating Escabeche in the market

After the market, the students broke off into groups and explored the town square. We took things very slow that day, to ensure that we acclimatized properly. Our dinner at night was at a Peruvian restaurant with live music and food that satisfied all of our cravings and dietary needs! We ordered everything from Quinoa soup (quinoa is very big here!) to chips and avocado, to alpaca! Our entire group was tired from the previous day’s travel, so we all had a pleasant and early sleep to ensure we were well rested for the next day’s volunteering.

view of Cusco

It is safe to say that Day 1 of Cusco was a SUCCESS!!! We made new friends, we remained optimistic, and we explored the unbelievably stunning surroundings of this magical place called Cusco.

I can’t wait to update you tomorrow!

Alex Zourntos
Program Manager