It’s Friday, Lets Zip On Outta Here

As the rain trickled down and the clouds emerged, our family embarked on our sixth day in Cusco. We started our morning off with our usual family breakfast at 8:00 am. At 8:30 we were met by our local tour guides and transported to the San Gabriel Charity School for our last day of volunteer work!

Upon our arrival at the school, we returned to finish up our Christmas dolls (…did I ever tell you about how much work goes into these?). With the help of the school’s seamstress, we put final touches on our dolls while waiting out the rain. Once the rain subsided we took our students to the local park for a ‘Big Brother’ day. We spent the latter half of the morning exploring the local park, encouraging unstructured play, and taking in all of the smiles and laughter of our beautiful students for the last time. As 12:30 struck, it was time to say our heartfelt goodbyes – we hugged, we cried, we took pictures, and promised to visit our students again.

After reflecting on our week at San Gabriel, I can say without the shadow of a doubt that this has been a life-changing experience for all of our staff and students. Our ability to give back to such a worthy community has been an absolutely humbling and rewarding experience that we will cherish forever. While our volunteering for the week has ended, the giving doesn’t have to stop. For those looking to support Helping Hands and San Gabriel, please visit the following website to see how you can get involved:

Friday afternoon also brought us our last optional excursion of the trip – zip lining! Once our students were ready to reach new heights and gain a different perspective of the beautiful Peruvian landscape, we travelled by bus to the outside of Cusco to the edge of the Sacred Valley. We were then greeted by our knowledgeable zip-lining guides and provided a safety briefing. Once we were set we began soaring above the ground, taking in breathtaking views of the beautiful Río Urubamba Valley, also known as El Valle Sagrado (The Sacred Valley). While the height of our journey across the sky was daunting, our whole team really stepped up to encourage one another prior to taking off. Many students chose to travel upside down and even on their stomachs (superman style)! If you would like to view more photos (outside of Vidigami) please visit Cusco Zip Line’s Facebook page.

Tomorrow we will be travelling by bus and train to Aguas Calientes, the base camp of Machu Picchu. We are beyond excited for the journey and this once of a lifetime climb.

Until tomorrow … Buenas Noches!


Activity Coordinator