Bicicleta de Montaña

After a great night sleep, our group set off on our second day of volunteering at the San Gabriel Charity School. Similar to yesterday’s plan we worked with 4-5-year-old students while focusing on English, Visual Arts and Playtime! For English, the lesson of the day was identifying different colours and fruits in English. For art, we worked on gluing our yellow Popsicle sticks together in preparation for Easter decorations. Finally, during playtime, we introduced jump rope and dodge ball to our energetic class.

Our last activity of the day brought us back to painting the fourth floor unit of the school. As mentioned in my previous post, San Gabriel is working towards opening up a high school and residence for the top female students in the Patron San Sebastian area. Most females living in rural communities are not encouraged to complete their high school studies and are more likely to marry and start a family as a young woman. With our help, San Gabriel is getting closer to providing a space where girls can live, learn and prosper in a safe environment, without having to travel to an urban area to receive an education.

After our morning at San Gabriel, our group set off for an afternoon of mountain biking around the outskirts of Cusco. On our way, we made a pit stop at the Gallery Textil Sulca. This showroom featured high-quality Peruvian weaved items such as rugs, tapestries, sweaters, jackets, scarves, hats, gloves, mittens, socks and rugs – and was well worth the stop.

Our 3-hour biking adventure began at the Huayllarcocha lagoon and took us through the archaeological sites of Sacsayhuaman and Qenqo. Even though the weather was overcast, we got to see a breathtaking view of the sacred mountain Ausangate. From Ausangate, we visited the archeological site Rumiwasi and finished off our adventure in the Qarigrande neighbourhood of San Sebastián. This experience was an unbelievable way to take in the panoramic views of Cusco and its surrounding mountains.

Upon our return to the city, we freshened up and returned to Jack’s for a classic Cusco dinner. Tomorrow our staff and students are looking forward to returning to Helping Hands to continue our volunteer work and to start working on their community garden. Until tomorrow … Buenas Noches!


Activity Coordinator