Volunteering at Lorena!

You guessed it: it was an amazing day! We woke up for another late breakfast at 8 am before we left at 9 am from the high mountains of Monteverde to the long stretching beaches of Playas del Coco. Although we were sad to leave the clear starry nights and the sky-high mountain views, the students have been wanting to swim and breathe in the ocean air for the entire trip.

En route to our next destination, all of the students’ dreams came true: we stopped at Taco Bell AND Subway. We see smiles every day, but not the screaming excitement of recognition of a place that serves food from home! After more driving and some dancing to the Backstreet Boys, we arrived at Lorena, a town of 130 houses and triple the smiles.

Fully rested and full of excitement (despite the high temperatures) your children played “futbol” with the children, painted faces, learned names, coloured with them and gave every bit of their being.

students with children ready to play soccer

Students made sandwiches, cut cake, filled bags full of popcorn, counted out candies, scooped ice cream and generally did everything that would make an incredible experience for children. For hours they carried the kids on their backs for races, played “futbol” outside and learned words in one-another’s languages. They met the children’s parents, teachers and asked each other questions. Lorena is the hometown of our driver, Ronaldo. We met his wife, extended family and son, and the difference the students made was evident by the tears in his eyes as he thanked us as we drove out of town. The students knew that their work had made an impact that the children and pueblo will be talking about long after we left.

student sitting with local children

As we always have a very short time to rest, we arrived in Coco and 20 minutes later we were off to our Costa Rican cooking lesson with Mario, our gracious host. We broke off into several groups: vegetables, guacamole, pico de gallo (salsa, pretty much!) chicken, and tortilla chips. Please check out the photos and videos! …or even better, ask them to show you so you can taste their culinary talents! The results are in: your students are all capable of becoming top chefs! They cleaned all of their own plates.

delicious costa rica food

After dinner, they had time to go back to their rooms to enjoy their private pools and shower up before heading into town. Kat and myself led the students to town where they enjoyed gelato and got to see a beach town covered in twinkle lights.

Now they’re back in bed, ready for a full beach day of surfing and suntanning after a long week… followed by our final banquet! How time flies.

Hasta Luego,
Activities Coordinator