Another Jam Packed Day

Surprise surprise, another jam-packed day! Waterslides, zip lining, pools, a butterfly conservatory, hot springs and an incredible buffet, oh my!

Our zip liners were down at breakfast by 7:15 am to leave by 8 am: luckily the weather cleared up JUST in time for us to start. The crew who led our students were super professional and everyone felt safe, even if a bit trepidatious about the height! The crew enjoyed the tractor ride to and from the site. One of our guides was a dead-ringer for Steph Curry: ask your child to show you a photo if they went, because they all took selfies with him after he amazed the group by flipping upside-down and wrapping his legs around the top of the zip line for the entire run! There were 11-runs in total, ending with a 45m (!) rappel down a gorge into a valley with a fast moving river.

There was still more to come: the students were treated to a lesson in the history of the indigenous peoples of Costa Rica. In a traditionally built home, the students got to drink chicha, a traditional drink of fermented corn, pineapple and sugar cane (don’t worry, no alcohol!) while listening to the elders speak in their native tongue. The fire was in the centre of the room, which symbolized the sun… while also keeping bugs away! We learned that there is a rich culture of indigenous tribes in Costa Rica who still live the same way they have for generations and the importance of preserving that culture.

…as for those who stayed back, we had grand plans! The students and I got to sleep in until breakfast at 8:30 am. At breakfast, the students decided that our planned gym outing would be better if it were replaced with going back to sleep then eating tacos instead. The zip liners returned and we travelled to our next destination: LOS LAGOS! En route, we stopped to see a sloth, as we’ve been 10/10 on wildlife viewing so far. I’m not sure who sent us a lucky charm, but we appreciate it.

Or should I say a tropical paradise? Los Lagos is a beautiful hotel full of hot springs, waterslides and huge pools!

pool at los lagos

Our students went wild for the slides and did a series of flips into the water that both impressed the staff while making them slightly nervous! (we’re here to be you, parents) We met for an incredible dinner buffet filled with numerous types of cheese (personal favourite) an entire salad bar with every topping (6 types of SEEDS to top it off? COME ON) calamari, pork and peppers, chickpeas and chorizo, rice and beans, different soups with tacos and queso fresco to top it, fresh fruit and of course some fries and chicken fingers, which were obviously a hit amongst our crew.

student going down a waterslide

We’re all tucked in now, because we’re leaving at 5am for a morning hike to see the sunrise from the observation point up the volcano! Up at the top we’ll do some yoga and take some insta-worthy photos. We’ll go for breakfast at 6:30 and then spend the rest of our free time soaking in the pools, exploring the frog, ant, crocodile and turtle sanctuaries and getting in a few more breath-taking flips and dives before embarking on the journey to Monteverde! Once we get there we’ll immediately suit up for a nature night hike (keep your fingers crossed for us to see another sloth) before ravenously returning for dinner. It will most likely be another early night, as the next day we’ll be off to life Monteverde for our next FULL day of volunteering at Life Monteverde!

The group is in great spirits and they’re a pleasure to supervise. Thanks for entrusting us your children and choosing to send them to Costa Rica with us! Can’t wait to update you on our next adventures.

Activity Coordinator