Final Day!

Our last day was as full as every one before. We woke up bright and early and had another delicious breakfast of fresh fruits (how we’ll miss them!) and coffee (they’ll be bringing you bags!) and eggs and potatoes (Happy St. Patrick’s day!).

We headed to Tamarindo as a group in our trusty van, as we’ve become so inseparable that we all want to go everywhere together! The surfers slathered on sunscreen and adorned their rash guards as the sunbathers and beach bunnies headed off to find the perfect rays and be the ultimate spectators of those who chose to test out the most difficult sport in the world!

students standing on surfboards on the beach

For hours we rode wave after wave, swallowed gallons of seawater, crashed, succeeded, popped up, had our boards fly out from under us…. and even caught a few perfect waves. Surfing is wonderfully fun. AND wonderfully exhausting! Once all the surfers had given their all, we rinsed off in fresh water and headed to a typical Costa Rican restaurant off the main strip. The owner appeared to be a 12-year old super boss who served us fresh juices that we watched him make, and huge burgers and fries. Chickens and goats surrounded the property and the students loved the puppies out back. After our cowboy-themed lunch, we headed back to meet up with the rest of the group to visit another beach: Playa Flamingo! Whereas Tamarindo was bustling and full of surfers aiming to catch the perfect wave, we found playa flamingo without a single tourist or local. We had the entire beach to ourselves! Most of the students chose to relax in the shade or read a book, some adventurous gents decided to swim out to the floating jungle gym amongst the fancy boats in the ocean. Students bought fresh coconuts and virgin pina coladas from the sole person we came across. Always supporting the local economy in delicious ways!

arial photo of students on the beach

After the quietest bus trip yet (don’t worry, there were still a plethora of voices) we had a little bit of time to get ready before our final banquet at the Hard Rock Cafe. We walked to town as a group and turned many heads as everyone was dressed in their Sunday best! We had talented live music and excellent company. We gobbled up our meal faster than expected cheered for our musician, and went to our Costa Rican father, Mario’s for surprise ice cream (from him) and surprise hand-made-Tican friendship bracelets and postcards to fill up with well wishes to one another (from us). Kat took all of the photos and videos we’ve been taking throughout the program and made an incredible and touching video of our entire time here. We laughed, ate dessert, and then shared highlights one by one with one another.

Group photo of students at the Hard Rock Cafe

So here we are. Kat is uploading the final photos and videos to Vidigami while Kyle is returning our dining area to its rightful layout and all of your children are packing their bags as I write a final send-off before we embark on our way back home. In 24 hours your children will be regaling you with stories of animals and children and the people they’ve met and the difference they made.

They’ll be wearing bracelets made by locals that are shared by all the other students and staff. They might be a bit sunburnt. They might be a bit tired. But they have grown and myself, Kat and Kyle are incredibly proud of what they have given to those around us.

Thank you for coming along with us on our journey. Thank you for sending your children with us. I hope we all meet again soon.

…and now, to check if they’re all safe and sound in their rooms, or if they need some help trying to figure out how to pack up all the extra coffee they’re bringing home.

Pura Vida,
Coordinador de Acvidades