Zip Lining and Water Slides

The dawn of another morning brought with it a familiar sensation for our students: impending adventure. No strangers to adventure on this trip, fourteen of our students woke bright and early for breakfast before loading up the bus en route to our zip-lining excursion.

Our group was an eclectic mix of zip lining veterans and rookies. The diversity in this group made the adventure particularly interesting as our zip lining veterans assured the rookies that the experience was awesome – the veterans wanted to do it again, after all!

group of students ready to head off to zip lining

After a quick introduction and tutorial, we tightened our harnesses, strapped our gloves and secured our helmets before hooking onto the line. Being the good supervisor I am, I decided to go first to demonstrate my perfect form – and so that the students wouldn’t hear me scream on the way down! After the first couple platforms, we became more comfortable navigating the lines, with some students showing a knack for speeding up and down at the appropriate times with uncanny precision. Some of our crazy daredevil students even decided to zip line upside-down! Maybe it’s just me, but perilously rocketing through mountains with my feet above my head was not something I was interested in!

After nine different lines, we said a big thank you to our guides and headed back to the hotel for a quick lunch. Students navigated the streets of La Fortuna to find their lunch items of choice before quickly hustling onto the bus for our departure to Arenal.

A short drive away, we pulled onto the grounds of the resort, but you wouldn’t know it from the exclaims of the students who apparently confused Los Lagos with paradise! Incredulous students took in the waterfalls, hot springs and slides before kicking back in their rooms prior to dinner. Eager to see whether the cuisine of the resort matched its utopian grounds, I think it’s safe to say that students left the buffet both satisfied and full!

After dinner, students were right back to the waterworks, as they wasted little time jumping down the slides, hanging by the pool and settling back into the hot springs for some much-needed relaxation. This cyclical routine continued up until bedtime, where we were greeted by a very tired bunch of students when we went to wish them good night.

Tomorrow, ambitious students will be waking up at 4:45 am to hike 3 km up the volcano to catch a glimpse of the sunrise! After that, we are headed to Monteverde for our Night Hike through the Cloud Forest!

‘Till then,

Ryan, Alex & Caitlin