Pura Vida! Welcome to Costa Rica

Hello friends, family and jealous siblings eagerly awaiting the return of their brothers and sisters!

My name is Ryan Valconi and I am one of the activity coordinators of the March Break Community Service Program at Blyth Academy. Before I begin, I want to take a moment and extend a big THANK YOU on behalf of both the staff and students of this program. Though your child may not yet know it, this experience will change them in ways they may not yet understand. From an enhanced ability to appreciate the small things in life to being able to see the bigger picture in any scenario, this experience will transcend the beautiful border of Costa Rica and forever impact your child’s perception of the importance of community service.

Today, students, parents and caregivers alike groggily drew themselves from bed as they made their journey to Pearson International Airport. There, goodbyes were exchanged and long hugs were shared as students waved goodbye to those that dropped them off. Together, Blyth Academy staff and students navigated the labyrinth of security and gates to make their way onto the plane.

After a pleasant flight, we entered the warmth of Costa Rica to a friendly smile from our perennial guide, Mario. Our Costa Rican friend who manages to expertly navigate the Costa Rican terrain, Mario loaded our luggage onto the bus and chauffeured us to Los Collinas, a beautiful hotel in downtown La Fortuna. After check-in, we settled into our rooms in preparation for our buffet dinner in the lobby of our hotel.

group photo of students at dinner restaurant

Following dinner, students had the opportunity to grab some snacks for the next few days from the local corner store. Their ability to decipher the Spanish language while buying a can of Pringles was nothing short of extraordinary! After the late-night shopping run, students had time to get to know each other while enjoying smoothies from our hotel restaurant. Even before the scheduled “lights out,” students were nestled in their rooms, exhausted from a long day of travelling.

Tomorrow, we are headed to Proyecto Asis, a local wildlife rehabilitation centre to volunteer our services!

‘Till then,

Ryan Valconi