Pura Vida! Welcome to Costa Rica

Good evening family and friends,

It’s hard to believe it has only been one week since we left from YYZ last Sunday. There we were, in the frigid weather, 18 students gathered before sunrise, most of us not knowing anyone else’s name, while curiosity, excitement, and nervousness set in.

Seven days and six towns later (not including the multiple lunch stops in quaint villages on our mountainous bus rides) we’ve become a tight-knit travelling family.

We (Alex, Caitlin, and Ryan) are so very proud of these students and we feel very lucky to have led such a well-behaved, enthusiastic, genuine group throughout Costa Rica. They did an incredible job at building friendships – both with the lovely Costa Ricans we met along the way and with one another.

We hope this journey has inspired each and every one of our students to take what they’ve learned here in Costa Rica and transfer it into their lives back home. Even something as simple as explaining to someone what the customary national dish is (rice, beans, plantains, salad, and chicken), purchasing their coffee from fair trade farms or discussing the sustainable methods used in Central America are small ways that we enable our many lessons to transcend the borders of Costa Rica.

It is one thing to understand the global and cultural impact of our actions; it is another to use this knowledge to inform our choices moving forward. After seeing these students interact with the many communities we visited during our journey, we can say with confidence that these young men and women are well equipped to make differences in their local communities.

Whatever they take home with them – friendship, education, souvenirs, or the satisfaction of knowing that they’ve just engaged in some of the most remarkable customs and traditions in Central America – this will definitely be a March Break Community Service trip for the books.

Thank you, parents, for sending your children with us and letting us bond with them and showing them the Costa Rican ropes.

A very big thank you to Mario Rodriguez, who is so much more than our contact and supplier in Costa Rica – he is our Tico leader and trusty family member.

Farewell and thank you all for a perfect week! We will see you tomorrow evening at YYZ.


Alex, Caitlin, and Ryan

Your Costa Rica March Break 2018 team