Costa Rica: 3 more sleeps!

Good Evening Everyone,

The time has come for last minute errands, hugs with our families, and zipping up our suitcases. Costa Rica is just around the corner!!! I can already smell the coffee farms calling my name…

I’d like to send out a few reminders before we depart:

1. Please arrive at the Toronto airport no later than 7:15 AM (3 hours before flight departure) on Sunday, March 11th. It will feel like 6:15 AM due to daylight savings. Our flight leaves at 10:15 AM – Air Transat Flight 618. TERMINAL 3.

2. When you arrive at the airport, report FIRST to the Blyth Academy Reps (look for the Blyth Academy stand up sign). We’ll have your travel itinerary and we’ll assist with checking in your luggage/getting your boarding passes. Once your luggage is checked and you wave goodbye to your loved ones, Blyth Academy staff will take you through airport security to your gate. So, please return to the Blyth Academy stand up sign after checking your luggage.

3. Once we land in Costa Rica, I will collect your passports and keep them safe so you have one less thing to worry about

And now for some Tico Tips:

  • Sure, Costa Rica will be HOT! But do prepare for the off chance of a cooler evening. A sweater/hoodie should do the trick.
  • Bring a light rain jacket if you have one. There will be some wet days/nights – especially when we are in the cloud forest (best place EVER).
  • Don’t forget your donations for our volunteer days. The children over there are happy with anything – stickers, Canada hats, balloons, school supplies, postcards, etc.
  • Pack as light as possible! We are transferring every other night to a new city. The lighter your luggage, the easier the transfer. If you want to chat more about what to bring, send me a quick note.
  • I hope you are all getting really excited! For many of us, Central America is a foreign land, but I promise that after one day, it will be as comfy as home. You’ll create new friendships, you’ll get lost in your thoughts while driving through the beautiful mountains, you’ll experiment with new (and delicious) foods, and you will be inspired by the gracious and hospitable nature of our Costa Rican friends.

    Thank you for committing to this incredible experience and having Ryan, Caitlin, and myself lead you on a new adventure.

    Pura Vida!

    Alex Zourntos

    Program Manager