Blyth Academy March Break Travel Journal

Below are the stories and experiences of Blyth Academy March break students participating in community service abroad.

Peru: Aguas Calientes & Machu Picchu

Aguas Calientes & Machu Picchu On Saturday morning we were up bright and early to begin our travels to Aguas Calientes, the base camp of Machu Picchu. After a five-hour journey by bus and train, we woke up nestled in the lush cloud forest...

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Peru: It’s Friday, Lets Zip On Outta Here

It’s Friday, Lets Zip On Outta Here As the rain trickled down and the clouds emerged, our family embarked on our sixth day in Cusco. We started our morning off with our usual family breakfast at 8:00 am. At 8:30 we were met by our local tour...

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Costa Rica: Our Final Post

Pura Vida! Welcome to Costa Rica Good evening family and friends,It’s hard to believe it has only been one week since we left from YYZ last Sunday. There we were, in the frigid weather, 18 students gathered before sunrise, most of us not...

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Peru: Can You Dig It?

Can You Dig It? As the sun rose on our fourth day in Cusco, so did the regular morning traffic rush. Every morning between 7-9:00 am is when the excitement starts – pedestrians, packs of dogs, buses, taxis, and private cars all make their way...

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Peru: Bicicleta de Montaña

Bicicleta de Montaña After a great night sleep, our group set off on our second day of volunteering at the San Gabriel Charity School. Similar to yesterday’s plan we worked with 4-5-year-old students while focusing on English, Visual Arts and...

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Costa Rica: Zip lining and Water Slides

Zip Lining and Water Slides The dawn of another morning brought with it a familiar sensation for our students: impending adventure. No strangers to adventure on this trip, fourteen of our students woke bright and early for breakfast before...

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Peru: With Love, From Cusco

Peru: With Love, From Cusco After a long night of travel and three connecting flights (YYZ>DFW, DFW>LIM, LIM>CUZ) our CS family made it safely to Peru! No missed connections, no lost luggage, just smooth travelling. After collecting...

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Pura Vida! Welcome to Costa Rica

Pura Vida! Welcome to Costa Rica Hello friends, family and jealous siblings eagerly awaiting the return of their brothers and sisters!My name is Ryan Valconi and I am one of the activity coordinators of the March Break Community Service Program...

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Costa Rica – 3 more sleeps!

Costa Rica: 3 more sleeps! Good Evening Everyone,The time has come for last minute errands, hugs with our families, and zipping up our suitcases. Costa Rica is just around the corner!!! I can already smell the coffee farms calling my name...I’d like to...

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